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Do you own a historic home and require a new roof? The metal shingle roof brings an elegant and classic look of slate to your house. It is one of the best installations that we make at Spring Hill Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group. It is an excellent option for the cumbersome and weighty installations of traditional slates. You can also find these roofing materials in styles that replicate wood shake tiles.

There are so many interesting textures and styles that are available in this niche of roofing materials and you can choose one depending on your taste. Spring Hill also has several finishes and colors if you prefer a shinier and smoother appearance. It is a roofing option that can last for several decades as long as you install and design it well. This tells you why you should leave this work in the hands of professionals.

Metal roofing shingles offer a high value to the homeowners. The greatest of these benefits are energy efficiency and the peace of mind that it offers. In case your neighborhood is stuck by fire, blowing embers is the main reason of fire spreading from one roof to another. It is something that you can avoid by using metal shingle roofs. You will have the peace of mind of a safe and highly durable roofing structure over the home of your family. Modern metal roofs don’t deteriorate of rust and retain their luster and colors through the harshest climatic conditions.

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Metal shingle roofs are more costly than the traditional roofing options but this is on the outset. With the benefits of energy efficiency, you will make great savings in the long run. The materials that are used in the total system provide better insulation against the weather elements and reflect the infrared rays from some back into the air.

The special coating that is used keeps the attic cool during the summer and its reflective properties help in the winter snow melting. The properties lead to more than 20% energy savings in cooling and heating your home. It is something that you will really love to have if you own a home in Spring Hill, FL.

Metal shingle roofs have evolved significantly from the past historic tin leaves. You can use them in preserving the integrity of your home by matching the modern-day technology with the decorative tiles of the past. If you wish to add the right touch to your home, you can go for the traditional log cabin option.

These roofs require little to no maintenance in comparison to the other more traditional options. It is an option that will surely please you with its attractiveness, durability, and warranties. Shingles keep the appearance of your house in a condition that is up to date. It also keeps the entire building safe from the vagaries of weather. There are so many types of shingles that you can select from. Each of these materials differs in durability, pricing, and even appearance.

Benefits of Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are largely versatile by nature and their durability is making them gain a lot of popularity. They come in various metal alloys and metal types. These are roofing materials that can last you for up to 50 years. Most homeowners prefer these roofing materials because of the strong insulation that they offer. It means that you can save a lot of money when you install then on your building. Using the insulation form to fill the spaces between two shingles will provide the desired insulation to your roof.

To choose the right type of shingle for your commercial or residential roof, you should think about the life expectancy of the various options. However, there are several other things to consider when choosing metal roofs. It is better to consult our metal roofing professionals for the best advice.

Metal shingles like copper and aluminum are less costly than asphalt shingles. It is easy to install metal shingles and they come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The feature will help you in customizing your roofs to help match your surroundings. These roofing materials also come in various styles. If you maintain metal shingles well, they will last you for a lifetime.

Fiberglass shingles are relatively cheaper than the metal ones and they create beautiful colors and designs when you install them. When you treat fiberglass shingles with AR, it will block the growth of fungus and mold. The main disadvantage of fiberglass shingles is the fact that they have a short lifespan. At most, they can only last you for 15 years.

Slate shingles have the biggest lifespan. Some homes that have slate shingles have been around for even a century. However, they still look sturdy and strong and can last for a few more decades. However, you should be ready to pay a higher price for such good shingles. You need highly experienced contractors to help you in installing these shingles. It is not something you will do by yourself over the weekend. Spring Hill Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group exists to help you understand this type of work.

If your home has a complex architectural design, you need to go for the wood shingles. However, it is not the best choice when it comes to fire protection. These materials have low durability and are susceptible to decay. It makes metal shingles more superior to the wooden options. The other option for shingles in Spring Hill is the tiles. However, they are more expensive than other materials. These are extremely lightweight shingles that are made of plastic. We have tile shingles that are made of clay and offer a high degree of fire protection. You also need a professional like us to install these types of shingles.

Property owners all over the world have been using shingle roofs for a long time. These roofs impart a sophisticated appearance to the building. There are so many types of shingles in Spring Hill, FL. You can choose any type depending on the kind of house that you are dealing with. However, metal shingle roofs remain among the best roofing options because of the several benefits that they offer.

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