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In the ancient days, corrugated steel roofing systems and sheet metals were solely used for institutional, commercial, and industrial purposes. However, there has come a time when people are now using standing seam metal roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. This roofing design has now evolved to become a modern architecture statement. One of the cities that has not been left behind this modern trend is Spring Hill, FL. It tells you why Spring Hill Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group specializes in the installation of these roofs.

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Standing seam metal roofing is now a premium choice for most people who want to protect their roofs with a long-lasting and reliable roof. As long as you install the standing seam metal roof correctly, there will be no need for maintenance. These are roofs that will last you for full time. The roofing panels come on various materials like copper, zinc, zinc, and aluminum-coated steel and aluminum. The roofs are coated with cool roof rated styles, designs, and colors.

Every time a joining exists, the area is raised to create a rib that is referred to as a seam. This is what connects your sheet roofing panels together and makes water run off in a safe manner with no dripping among the panels. For a DIY project, you can order the standard seam roofing panels. These are custom ordered and they come with full instructions. You will have to use hidden fasteners to join together the metal panels. However, it is best to leave this work in the hands of the right professionals.

To block moisture out, you should install a vapor barrier under the standing seam metal roof. You normally have to put them over the structure before installing the metal sheets. In most cases, they are manufactured from foil or plastic sheets which creates a protective lining.

It will make sure that the vapor does not rise to the top hence protecting your structure from rotting. It is crucial to put this on all types of roofs before you install the actual roofing system; whether it is metal or asphalt. Apart from preserving the material, installing water and ice on the roof eaves before you install vertical sheet metallic panels will also keep off extreme weather conditions to some extent.

While tearing off the current roof, you need to replace any plywood and boards that have been damaged by water. The walls should be debris-free and dry and the vapor and water barrier should be stapled or nailed approximately two feet apart to be able to secure it safely.

To install metal roofing panels, you should connect and secure the vertical panels and have a locking mechanism that is referred to as the seam on the side. You have to secure the standing seam metal roofing to the eave flashing using a special locking mechanism. From here, you use concealed fasteners to secure the vertical panels along the side of every panel every 12 inches in the center. When you secure with concealed fasteners, it enables the contraction and expansion of the standing seam metal roof.

After putting the first panel in place, you install the adjacent panel right next to the preceding panel hence forming a connection point at the seam. This seam acts as a locking mechanism together with the panel. Standing seam has different types of locking mechanisms that you put over and snap on the top of the preceding panel.

The field formed seam is the second type that needs a special bending tool to lock the seam securely. It takes less time to install the snap version than the field locked system. You need to keep this in mind while ordering your system from the supplier. Spring Hill Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group is in the best position to guide you through the process.

Do You Need the Standing Seam Metal Roof?

These roofing systems are becoming widely popular in Spring Hill, FL and you will get them in both residential and commercial premises. Most people love them because they have a beautiful look and are long-lasting. Standing seam metal roofs are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and fire-resistant. When you install these roofs on your home, there is a high possibility that you will get a reduction in your insurance premium.

Some of the most common materials include tin, aluminum, copper, and steel to name a few. There are times when you can use a combination of different materials on a single house. In the past, these roofs were very common in commercial buildings. The standing seam metal roofs come in panels that are 12, 17, and 19 inches in width. If you feel that you don’t need this roof for your home, you can go for the metal shingle roofing that will give your roof a traditional look.

Standing seam metal roofs are more durable than most of the other metal roofing materials. The sliding clip assembly is the roofing system that is utilized in this kind of roofing. The assembly has a rigid assembly and the clip and the clip that is fitted over the seam supports movement in all directions. It prevents temperature shocks whenever there is a change in the temperature.

The process of installing the standing seam metal roof is an easy one. You don’t need the warmth of summer or spring to install these roofs. However, like the other roofing materials, it does not work well in weather extremes like high winds, heavy rains, or extremely cold weather. However, the concern here is the safety of the worker and not the roofing material. For the best standing seam metal roof installation in Spring Hill, FL, feel free to get in touch with us. You will be able to get the highest quality roofs at the least cost in the region.

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